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Purina ONE Dog

Discover the Purina ONE Dog Food Range

Advanced tailored nutrition for visible health improvements for dogs of all life stages and sizes.

Our expertise

Combining years of pet-care innovation with nutritional expertise enables us to bring you a wide range of products tailormade to meet your dog’s needs. From dry food to wet meals, our range will provide him with complete and balanced nutrition for visible health, today and tomorrow.

Helps balance his gut microbiome for everyday health

Developed by Purina vets and nutritionists, our new Purina ONE dry recipes are made with high-quality ingredients. To help balance his gut microbiome and support his digestive health and immune system, to keep him healthy.

When his gut microbiome is balanced, so is his overall health.

A dog’s gut microbiome is the ecosystem with trillions of microorganisms that live in the gut. With high-quality ingredients such as sugar beet pulp in small crunchy nuggets and softer morsels, every delicious meal helps maintain a healthy gut microbiome by balancing its good and bad bacteria. For your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

High quality Ingredients to keep him healthy.

For over 85 years, our pet nutritional experts and veterinarians have been developing recipes that meet the specific needs of your dog. Purina ONE® recipes are rich in high-quality protein to support strong immune defenses. They’re a combination of high-quality ingredients with innovative and tasty formulas to support your dog's wellbeing, today and tomorrow.

All dogs are different and so are their needs. Discover the full range.

Dogs are amazing companions but not all dogs are the same and neither are their nutritional needs. That’s why we’ve created a wide range of nutrition specially tailored for them, depending on their size, age, and special requirements. To enjoy every meal, every day.

A small dog on the lawn with a ball in its mouth
Mini range
Your small dog has specific nutritional needs. That's why Purina experts developed Purina ONE® MINI/SMALL. Available in Dry and Wet in both life stage and lifestyle formulas for visible health.
Big dog on the lawn looking to the side
Medium/Maxi Range
Specially formulated to meet your dog's unique needs, its tailored nutrition is proven to deliver visible health for life. Purina ONE® is available in both life stage and lifestyle formulas.

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